Dr Kelly Tse was working in the Anatomy Labs at Univerity of New South Wales and her mentor Prof Vu would push her to investigate anatomical structures while dissecting. Many years on and countless dissections the Anatomy Academy was born. The Anatomy Academy is part of Anatomy by Dissection Pty Ltd with a focus on education for medical, dental and healthcare professionals.

The study of anatomy is one of the oldest sciences and using both old school techniques and new technology such as high resolution photography, 3D scanning & 3D printing are creating path ways to understanding anatomy in ways that have not been possible before.

The Anatomy Academy focuses on:

- Radiology Anatomy Workshops & Courses

- Ophthalmology Anatomy Tutorials & Workshops

- Cosmetic Anatomy Workshops & Tutorials

- Dental Surgical Anatomy Training

- Dental Professional Workshops & Mentoring

- Dissection Workshops

- Working with the worlds leading surgical supply and implant companies

Our new Wolli Creek, Sydney office has state of the art displays and teaching spaces design for medical teaching and workshops. We can even live stream from our dental surgery into the teaching areas when required. For dissection workshops we utlise a number of other labs including University Technology Sydney, University New South Wales, & The Sydney Eye Hospital.

Meet Our Team

Introducing our team that will drive your success.

Dr Kelly Tse


Prof Dzung Vu

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Dr Quikun Bao

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